Episode 051 - Sisters


Episode 051 - Sisters

No, not the 2015 Sisters with Tina Fey…the 1973 Sisters with Margot Kidder!
Even as a clear homage to the work of Alfred Hitchcock (complete with Bernard Herrmann score), Brian DePalma puts his own stamp on it as only DePalma can. With a winding plot and psychedelic third act, Sisters earned a “rent” from both Ryan and Tim, in spite of Ryan needing a little help clarifying the nuances of the story at times. Regardless, it touches on one of our favorite, recurring fear-points in horror: the uncertainty of our own reality.

Where we watched: Criterion Channel

RecommenDEADtions: Man on the Moon / The Sinner

Sisters (1973)
Directed by Brian DePalma
Written by Brian DePalma and Louisa Rose

Tim Aslin