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Episode 051 - Sisters

No, not the 2015 Sisters with Tina Fey…the 1973 Sisters with Margot Kidder!

Even as a clear homage to the work of Alfred Hitchcock (complete with Bernard Herrmann score), Brian DePalma puts his own stamp on it as only DePalma can. With a winding plot and psychedelic third act, Sisters earned a “rent” from both Ryan and Tim, in spite of Ryan needing a little help clarifying the nuances of the story at times. Regardless, it touches on one of our favorite, recurring fear-points in horror: the uncertainty of our own reality.

Where we watched: Criterion Channel

RecommenDEADtions: Man on the Moon / The Sinner

Sisters (1973)
Directed by Brian DePalma
Written by Brian DePalma and Louisa Rose


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For those times when there may not be a fellow horror fiend to watch and discuss a new horror film with, you’ll always have Ryan and Tim.

The two self-proclaimed “Horror Hounds of Hollywood” started this podcast as a way to capitalize on the particular excitement after watching a horror film for the first time. It doesn’t matter how good or bad the movie might be— it’s always fascinating to explore how and why the filmmakers did the things they did, and for whatever reasons, that’s especially true when the subject matter is macabre.

So join us weekly as your hosts Ryan McDuffie and Tim Aslin dive in and "dismember" horror.  We watch a film we haven’t seen, breakdown what did and didn’t work, and discuss anything we found noteworthy. And don't you forget, we always announce next week's movie so you can prepare for the discussion!



Born and bred in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ryan has been passionate about films and filmmaking since spending most weekends as a child watching his favorite film, Pee-wee's Big Adventure.  Since graduating from UC Santa Cruz, he's written and directed seven short films, including the much-acclaimed horror short Forest Falls. He has also produced nine other short films, the streamy-nominated web-series Anamnesis, and is currently working on a new short film, as well as developing multiple feature-length genre films.




A life-long horror fan, Tim got his start watching scary movies introduced to him by his older brother at, more than likely, too early an age (thanks The Shining and Alien at 10). Thus began his love affair with being scared. Originally from Indiana, and raised in Rochester NY, he grew an appreciation for the eeriness of forests and bleak Autumn landscapes. Particularly fond of isolation themes, he turned to writing horror scripts informed by them. Now with an eye behind the camera, he hopes to bring those stories to the screen and test his expertise in the art of the scare.