Episode 048 - Midsommar


Episode 48 - Midsommar

“Go to see the 90-year Hårga Midsommar Festival” they said, “it’ll be the trip of a lifetime” they said, “you could even become the May Queen” they said… Well, “they” were quite right, and then some. This week we drank the tea and entered another twisted reality from the mind of Ari Aster. With a double “rent” and possible future double “buy,” Ryan and Tim really dive head first off the cliff into this one. Already at 2 hours, the guys could have gone on longer, but are not shy about how this film made them feel (hint: it gave Tim nightmares). 

Where we watched: Mann's Chinese 6

RecommenDEADtions: The Strange Thing About The Johnsons / Headhunters

Midsommar (2019)
Written and Directed by Ari Aster

Tim Aslin