Episode 043 - Dolly Dearest

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Episode 043 - Dolly Dearest

“It’s time to play!” Nothing quite says horrifying like the spawn of a Satanic cult possessing multiple dolls, and by proxy, Denise Crosby’s daughter… (except maybe Rip Torn’s attempt at a mexican accent). Ryan and Tim had a surprisingly fun time with “Dolly Dearest,” despite its inherent, low-budget trappings. It really hit the sweet spot for Ryan’s sensibilities, and as Tim said: “This movie sucks, but it’s fun.” Earning a “stream” and a “rent,” it also lead Tim to the discovery of ANOTHER original, doll-themed film by none other than Ryan himself!

Where we watched: Amazon Prime

RecommenDEADtions: Burning / The Canal

Dolly Dearest (1991)
Directed by Maria Lease
Written by Maria Lease, Rob Nave and Peter Sutcliffe

Tim Aslin