Episode 037 - Wrong Turn


Episode 037 - Wrong Turn

This week we take an interesting and unassuming dive (let’s call it “the Dushku effect”) into a quintessential film to Ryan’s adolescence, Wrong Turn. Tim and Ryan take an arrow to the eyeball for this mid-2000’s, hillbilly-horror vehicle: not even Eliza Dushku or “Mister Serious“ could completely save this “stupid, stupid, stupid” film. Despite Ryan’s deep love for it, (and the subsequent highschool game of “Dushku” it spawned) he gave it a “rent” while Tim hands it a weak “stream.”

Where we watched: Amazon Rental

RecommenDEADtions:  I Saw The Devil / We Are What We Are

Wrong Turn (2003)
Directed by Rob Schmidt
Written by Alan B. McElroy

Tim Aslin