Episode 039 - Inside / À L'intérieur


Don’t let anyone inside when you’ve got a baby inside your belly, or else the outside-person will want what’s inside you! That’s a confusing way to say that this week’s film is Inside-- part of the notorious “New French Extremity” films. Ryan and Tim agree that for all its gore and intended shock value, Inside is a swing-and-a-miss, earning a double “stream” that came dangerously close to “avoid.” But hey, in addition to our usual dismemberment, at least we get some insight into Tim’s past as a bartender in the year 2007.

Where we watched: iTunes

RecommenDEADtions: Calvaire / Raw

Inside / À l'intérieur (2007)
Directed by Julien Maury
Written by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo

Tim Aslin