Episode 033 - Calvaire


Episode 033 - Calvaire

Sometimes simple is scary, and boy oh boy does Calvaire (The Ordeal) deliver on a simple story trope, giving us some truly scary moments. Ryan and Tim go a little crazy themselves over the intense thematic nature of this film (including a brief foray with comparing it to American Idol), as well as the in-your-face, stark, disturbing realism. Rating it with a “stream” from Tim and an elusive “buy” from Ryan, don’t be fooled: this movie is well worth the watch for any horror fan.

Where we watched: DVD

RecommenDEADtions: The Man Who Fell to Earth / Shazam!

MEANtionables: Dancing scene from Un soir, un train that inspired scene from Calvaire

Calvaire (2004)
Directed by Fabrice du Welz
Written by Romain Protat and Fabrice du Welz

Tim Aslin