Episode 006 - 47 Meters Down

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Episode 006 - 47 Meters Down                                                 

Sh...shhhh….Shar…..SHARKS! Sharks AND Mandy Moore! Seriously what more could anyone ask for? Well, we answer that exact question in this week’s episode as we dive into one of about 8 billion shark movies out there: 47 Meters Down. With so much chum in the water, it’s real feeding frenzy as Ryan and Tim take a bite out of this one. Whew, shark puns.

Where we watched: Netflix

RecommenDEADtions: mother! (film) / My Favorite Murder (podcast) (and do NOT watch The Open House)

47 Meters Down (2017)
Directed by Johannes Roberts
Written by Johannes Roberts and Ernest Riera

Tim Aslin